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101 Plan Management is for people with a disability who are in the process of obtaining, or who have already obtained, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Funding and want the freedom of self-management without the stress of negotiating the rapids of the NDIS enabling the participant and families to focus on what is important to them. One of the biggest decisions a participant and their family, or nominee, will be required to make, is how they would like to manage the participant's NDIS plan and support.

101 Plan Management is a registered NDIS provider. We provide NDIS plan management (financial intermediary) services to all of South Australia from the outback to the ocean and across to the border, with a passion for filling the void in regional and rural areas… we even come to you!

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Managing your NDIS plan

There are four options for how a participant, or their nominee, can manage a NDIS Plan and its associated funding, and it is up to the participant, or their nominee, to decide which will be best for them and their needs. The four options are outlined below.


This is when a participant, or their nominee, chooses to have the National Disability Insurance Agency manage their plan.

The NDIA will make the contractual arrangements and pay support providers for the participant. They will only use NDIS Registered Service Providers. However, the participant, or their nominee, are still responsibile for staying within the allocated funding.


Self-managed means the participant, or their nominee, need to have the ability to budget as they are responsible for paying the invoices related to the supports received through their NDIS Plan.

Self-managing includes the participant, or their nominee, making all the contractual arrangements with the providers that are chosen to provide supports, the payment of those supports and claiming of the supports on the NDIS portal (which requires a MyGov account).

The providers a participant, or their nominee, choose can be registered or unregistered service providers. Whether registered or unregistered,


Plan Managed is when a Participant, or their nominee, choose a registered plan management provider, like 101 Plan Management. It is the provision of financial management to NDIS Participants, or their nominee, by managing the financial details of the Participant's NDIS Plan.

Registered NDIS Plan Managers can organise registered and unregistered service providers to provide services to Participants. Plan management providers organise the claiming of payments to service providers from the NDIA, processes and makes payments to service providers and developes monthly statements that are sent to Participant's or their nominee.

If a Participant, or their nominee, would like this type of assistance, please ensure it is asked for at the time of the NDIS Planning Meeting as it is a different support from NDIS Support Coordination and is approved separately.

of options 1, 2 and 3

This is when any of the above manages different sections of a Participant's NDIS Plan. If this option is chosen, whoever is managing a specific section of a Participant's NDIS Plan will manage all parts of that section.

For example, if the Participant, or their nominee, is managing the social interaction section and two support services provide the support for this, then the Participant, or their nominee, will find the providers, negotiate costs, time and so on with them, and sign the service agreements with both of them.